Bedford woman ‘lost hands and feet’ as Covid led to sepsis

A woman who had her hands and feet amputated after coronavirus led to pneumonia, which then caused sepsis, says she is looking forward to her “second life” despite the challenges.

Caroline Coster, 58, from Bedford, said she was put into a medically-induced coma for a month and nearly died twice after catching the virus in March.

She was forced to retire from teaching and is adapting to her new life, but has warned of the dangers of people not taking coronavirus seriously.

Mrs Coster said: “My first life was good. My second life is also going to be good. It’s going to be different but it’s gonna be good.

“It is a serious illness and if it’s not serious for you, it might be serious for the old person who lives next door. Or your mum. Or your grandma.”

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